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Seeds being despatched outside of Australia must follow Micor export criteria. For information on Micor requirements click here.

Please note: Your credit card will not be charged until your seeds are ready for despatch.

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  • If your order quantity is not available in full, the quantity available will be sent with the remainder placed on backorder.
  • If some items are unavailable at time of order, the items that are available will be sent, while the remaining unavailable items will stay on backorder until items become available – Unless notified by customer to cancel items on backorder.
  • The order total below is for items only, and does not include shipping costs, which will be applied to your order. Please contact us for the shipping costs to your destination address that will be applied to your order.
  • You have checked the items in your order at the bottom of this page to ensure they are the correct items, size, and quantity.
  • WA ORDERS: All seed entering WA are inspected by Quarantine WA (QWA) Inspector, all quarantine WA inspections are chargeable and it is legislated that this charge is to the consignee (importer).

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