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Catalogue last updated: 15/12/2018

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Description Botanical Name Seeds per gram Availability Action
[info sheet] ACMELLA OLERACEA Acmella spilanthes oleracca 4300 Available
[info sheet] AGRIMONIA EUPATORIA Agrimonia eupatoria 40 Available
[info sheet] ALCHEMILLA MOLLIS Alchemilla mollis 2650 Available
ALFALFA SPROUTING FOOD GRADE - NO SALE WA Medicago sativa 480 Available
[info sheet] AMARANTH GARNET RED Amaranthus tricolor 1400 Available
[info sheet] AMARANTHUS EDIBLE GREEN LEAF Amaranthus mangostanus 1240 Available
[info sheet] AMARANTHUS EDIBLE RED LEAF Amaranthus mangostanus 1730 Available
[info sheet] ANGELICA ARCHANGELICA Angelica archangelica 185 Available
[info sheet] ANGELICA PACHYCARPA Angelica pachycarpa 185 Available
ANISE Pimpinella anisum 200 Available
ANISE HYSSOP Agastache foeniculum 3000 Available
[info sheet] ANTHEMIS TINCTORIA Anthemis tinctoria kelwayii 2100 Available
ARTEMISIA LAXA (UMBELLIFORMIS) Artemisia laxa umbelliformis 3400 PreOrder
ARTEMISIA LUDOVICIANA Artemisia ludoviciana 7500 PreOrder
ATRIPLEX HORTENSIS FIRE RED Atriplex hortensis 430 PreOrder
ATRIPLEX HORTENSIS RED FLASH Atriplex hortensis 140 Available
BALM LEMON Melissa officinalis 2000 Available
BALM LEMON GOLD LEAF Melissa officinalis 2000 Available
[info sheet] BASIL ANISE Ocimum basilicum 930 Available
[info sheet] BASIL BLUE SPICE Ocimum americanum x basilicum 1700 Available
[info sheet] BASIL CINNAMON Ocimum basilicum 1430 Available
[info sheet] BASIL CLOVE Ocimum basilicum 880 Available
[info sheet] BASIL DARK OPAL Ocimum basilicum 820 Available
[info sheet] BASIL FINE LEAF - BUSH BASIL Ocimum basilicum 720 Available
BASIL FREDDY Ocimum basilicum 690 Available
BASIL GENOVA FUSARIUM TESTED Ocimum basilicum 700 Available
BASIL GREEN RUFFLES Ocimum basilicum 720 Available
BASIL HOARY Ocimum tenuiflorum 600 PreOrder
[info sheet] BASIL HOLY GREEN Ocimum sanctum syn. tenuiflorum 1930 Available
[info sheet] BASIL LEMON Ocimum basilicum var. americanum 720 Available
BASIL LETTUCE LEAF Ocimum basilicum 590 Available
[info sheet] BASIL LGE. SWEET ITALIAN Ocimum basilicum 700 Available
BASIL LIME MRS BURNS Ocimum basilicum var. citriodorum 570 Available
BASIL MAMMOTH Ocimum basilicum 545 Available
BASIL MARIAN Ocimum basilicum 650 PreOrder
BASIL MEDINETTE Ocimum basilicum 650 Available
BASIL MINI Ocimum basilicum 700 Available
[info sheet] BASIL PURPLE RUFFLES Ocimum basilicum 700 PreOrder
BASIL RED BOZA Ocimum basilicum 675 Available
BASIL RED ITALIAN Ocimum basilicum 675 PreOrder
BASIL RED RUBIN IMPROVED Ocimum basilicum 675 Available
[info sheet] BASIL SIAM QUEEN Ocimum basilicum 650 Available
[info sheet] BASIL SWEET GENOVA Ocimum basilicum 620 Available
BASIL THAI QUEENETTE Ocimum basilicum 980 Available
[info sheet] BERGAMOT CITRIODORIA Monarda citriodora 2000 Available
[info sheet] BERGAMOT DIDYMA RED SHADES Monarda didyma 2460 Available
[info sheet] BORAGE Borago officinalis 50 Available
[info sheet] BUCKWHEAT Fagopyrum esculentum 80 Available
BURNET SALAD Sangisorba minor 180 Available
CALAMINT Calamintha nepeta 3300 PreOrder
[info sheet] CARAWAY Carum carvi 350 Available
CATGRASS Dactylis glomerata 1740 Available
[info sheet] CATMINT Nepeta mussini syn. n. x faassenii 1240 PreOrder
[info sheet] CATNIP Nepeta cataria 1500 Available
[info sheet] CATNIP LEMONY Nepeta cataria 1400 Available
[info sheet] CHAMOMILE GERMAN Matricaria chamomilla 16000 PreOrder
CHERVIL CURLED Anthriscus cerefolium 400 Available
CHERVIL WINTER Anthriscus cerefolium 400 Available
[info sheet] CHIVES FUYUYO Allium fistulosum 500 Available
CHIVES GARLIC Allium tuberosum 300 Available
CHIVES LARGE Allium schoenoprasum 730 Available
CHIVES MEDIUM - NO SALE WA Allium schoenoprasum 820 Available
[info sheet] CHIVES NEW BELT Allium tuberosum rottler 255 Available
CHRYSANTHEMUM CINERARIFOLIUM Chrysanthemum cinerarifolium 690 Available
[info sheet] CIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA (COHOSH BLACK) Cimicifuga racemosa 365 Available
CLAYTONIA PERFOLIATA Montia perifolia syn. claytonia 1860 Available
COCHLEARIA OFFICINALIS Cochlearia officinalis 1900 Available
COMFREY Symphytum officinale 145 Available
CORIANDER DELFINO Coriandrum sativum 100 PreOrder
CORIANDER EUREKA Coriandrum sativum 100 Available
CORIANDER FIESTA GREEN Coriandrum sativum 100 Available
CORIANDER HACOR Coriandrum sativum 95 Available
CORIANDER LEMON Coriandrum sativum 30 Available
CORIANDER POT SELECTION Coriandrum sativum 100 Available
CORIANDER SPROUTING Coriandrum sativum 70 Available
CRESS AMERICAN UPLAND Lepidium sativum 450 PreOrder
CRESS AQUA LARGE LEAVED Nasturtium officinale 4800 Available
CRESS EXTRA CURLED Lepidium sativum 470 Available
CRESS TRUE WATER Nasturtium officinalis 4760 Available
CRESS WRINKLED CRINKLED Lepidium sativum 430 PreOrder
CRITHMUM MARITIMUM Criimumthmum marit 250 Available
CULANTRO Eryngium foetidum 2800 Available
CUMIN Cuminum cyminum 300 Available
DANDELION Taraxacum officinale 1500 Available
[info sheet] DILL BOUQUET Anthemum graveolens 900 Available
DILL COMPATTO Anthemum graveolens 670 Available
DILL DUKAT Anthemum graveolens 900 Available
[info sheet] DILL MAMMOTH Anthemum graveolens 900 Available
[info sheet] DILL TETRA Anthemum graveolens 900 Available
DRACOCEPHALUM MOLDAVICA Dracocephalum moldavica 500 Available
FENNEL BRONZE SMOKEY Foeniculum vulgare purpurascens 500 Available
FENUGREEK Trigonella foenum-graecum 75 Available
FEVERFEW Chrysanthemum parthenium 12000 Available
FRAGARIA BARON SOLEMACHER Fragaria vesca 3500 Available
FRAGARIA F1 RAINBOW TREASURE Fragaria x ananassa 1976 Available
FRAGARIA S1 ONE TIME Fragaria x ananassa s1 2000 PreOrder
FRAGARIA TEMPTATION Fragaria ananassas 1900 Available
FRAGARIA VESCA ALI-BABA Fragaria vesca 3600 Available
FRAGARIA WHITE SOUL Fragaria vesca 3000 Available
GARLAND LARGE LEAVED Chrysanthemum coronarium 500 Available
GARLAND SMALL SERRATE LEAF Chrysanthemum coronarium 500 Available
GARLIC WILD Allium ursinum 250 Available
GENTIANA LUTEA Gentiana lutea PreOrder
GERANIUM ROBERTIANUM Geranium robertianum 700 Available
[info sheet] GIANT HYSSOP MIXED Agastache mexicana 2400 PreOrder
GLYCYRRHIZA GLABRA Glycyrrhiza glabra 80 Available
HELICHRYSUM ITALICUM Helichrysum italicum 20000 PreOrder
HYSSOP Hyssopus officinalis 1000 Available
HYSSOP ROSE Hyssopus officinalis 1000 Available
HYSSOP WHITE Hyssopus officinalis 1000 Available
ICE PLANT Mesembryanthemum crystallinum 6000 Available
[info sheet] KOREAN MINT - NO SALE WA Agastache rugosa 1430 Available
LAVENDER HIDCOTE BLUE Lavandula angustifolia 1500 Available
LAVENDER LATIFOLIA SPICA Lavandula latifolia 1000 Available
LAVENDER MUNSTEAD Lavandula angustifolia 930 PreOrder
LAVENDER STOECHAS - NO SALE VIC Lavandula stoechas 1000 Available
LAVENDER VERA (TRUE) Lavandula angustifolia 1000 Available
LEMON GRASS - PURE SEED Cymbopogon flexuosus 2000 Available
LEMONGRASS FLORETS Cymbopogon flexosus 2000 Available
LOVAGE Levisticum officinale 380 Available
LYCIUM BARBARUM Lycium barbarum 6 Available
[info sheet] MARJORAM SWEET Origanum majorana 4500 Available
MARSHMALLOW Althaea officinalis 500 Available
MEADOWSWEET Filipendula ulmaria 2400 Available
MERTENSIA MARITIMA Mertensia maritima 258 Available
MILK THISTLE - NO SALE VIC, SA Silybum marianum 38 Available
MINT APPLEMINT Mentha suaveolens 25000 Available
MINT LONGIFOLIA Mentha lonfifolia 17000 Available
[info sheet] MINT PENNYROYAL Mentha pulegium 10000 Available
[info sheet] MINT PEPPERMINT Mentha x piperita 12000 Available
[info sheet] MINT SPEARMINT Mentha spicata 12000 Available
MINUTINA Plantago coronopus 3000 Available
MITSUBA Cryptotaenia japonica var canadensis 490 Available
MOTHERWORT Leonurus cardiaca 1280 PreOrder
MUGWORT Artemisia vulgaris 11350 Available
MURRAYA KOENIGII Murraya koenigii 4 PreOrder
MUSTARD CHIRIMEN HAKARASHI Brassica juncea 700 Available
MUSTARD HORNED Brassica juncea var. integlifolia 850 Available
MYRRHIS ODORATA Myrrhis odorata 20 Available
NEPETA RACEMOSA ALBA Nepeta racemosa alba 1300 Available
[info sheet] OREGANO HERACLEOTICUM - GREEK Origanum hirtum 11800 Available
[info sheet] OREGANO ONITES Origanum onites 9500 Available
[info sheet] OREGANO VULGARE Origanum vulgare 10500 Available
PANAX GINSENG Panax ginseng 50 PreOrder
PARSLEY HAMBURG ROOTED Petroselinum crispum var. tuberosum 710 Available
PARSLEY ITALIAN IMPROVED Petroselinum crispum 425 Available
PARSLEY MOSS CURLED Petroselinum crispum 385 Available
PARSLEY TRIPLE CURLED Petroselinum crispum 780 Available
PERILLA BRITTON Perilla fruitescens 290 Available
PERILLA CRISPA GREEN Perilla fruitescens 665 Available
PERILLA CRISPA RED Perilla fruitescens 845 Available
PLANTAGO PLANTAIN Plantago lanceolata 850 Available
PRUNELLA VULGARIS Prunella vulgaris 1040 Available
PURSLANE Portulaca oleracea sativa 2250 PreOrder
PURSLANE GOLDEN Portulaca oleracea sativa 2400 Available
ROMAN LAWN CHAMOMILE Anthemis nobilis 7000 Available
[info sheet] ROSEMARY Rosmarinus officinalis 800 Available
RUE Ruta graveolens 540 Available
[info sheet] SAGE Salvia officinalis 110 Available
SAGE WHITE Salvia apiana 550 Available
[info sheet] SALSOLA KOMAROVII Salsola komarovii 265 PreOrder
SALVIA ARGENTEA Salvia argentea 100 Available
SALVIA SCLAREA (CLARY SAGE) Salvia sclarea 235 Available
SAVORY SUMMER Satureja hortensis 1400 Available
SAVORY SUMMER MIDGET Satureja hortensis 1400 Available
SAVORY WINTER Satureja montana 2000 Available
[info sheet] SOAPWORT Saponaria officinalis 750 PreOrder
[info sheet] SOCIETY GARLIC Tulbaghia violacea 220 PreOrder
SORREL Rumex acetosa 1100 PreOrder
SORREL RED - NO SALE WA Rumex sanguineus 1170 Available
STACHYS AFFINIS Stachys affinis 1 PreOrder
STEVIA REBAUDIANA Stevia rebaudiana 2500 Available
STEVIA REBAUDIANA SWEETIE STAR Stevia rebaudiana 2500 Available
STINGING NETTLE Urtica dioica 7000 PreOrder
[info sheet] SWEET ROCKET MIXED Hesperis matronalis 470 PreOrder
TAGETES LUCIDA - MEXICAN TARRAGON Tagetes lucida 1000 Available
TANACETUM BALSAMITA Tanacetum balsamita 1000 Available
TANACETUM PARTHENIUM AUREUM Tanacetum parthenium 'aureum' 11000 PreOrder
[info sheet] TANSY Tanacetum vulgare 8000 PreOrder
TARRAGON RUSSIAN Artemisia dracunculus 4850 PreOrder
[info sheet] THYME ORANGE Thymus fragrantissimus 5000 Available
[info sheet] THYME SERPHYLLUM Thyme serphyllum 5100 Available
[info sheet] THYME SUMMER Thymus vulgaris 5000 Available
[info sheet] THYME WILD Thymus pulegioides 8000 Available
[info sheet] THYME WINTER Thymus vulgaris 5000 PreOrder
[info sheet] VALERIAN Valeriana officinalis 1500 Available
WHEAT SPROUTING - NO SALE TAS Triticum aestivum 20 Available
WOODRUFF Asperula odorata 180 Available
[info sheet] WORMWOOD Artemisis absinthium 17000 Available
[info sheet] YARROW WHITE Achillea millefolium 7300 Available

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