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Grasses Catalogue  

Catalogue last updated: 15/12/2018

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Description Botanical Name Seeds per gram Availability Action
ANEMANTHELE LESSONIANA Anemanthele lessoniana Available
AUSTRODANTHONIA GENICULATA OXLEY Austrodanthonia geniculata oxley 0 PreOrder
AUSTRODANTHONIA RACEMOSA Austrodanthonia racemosa 0 PreOrder
AUSTRODANTHONIA SETACEA Austrodanthonia setacea 0 PreOrder
AUSTROSTIPA DENSIFLORA Austrostipa densiflora 0 Available
AUSTROSTIPA ELEGANTISSIMA Austrostipa elegantissima 80 Available
AUSTROSTIPA MOLLIS Austrostripa mollis 225 Available
AUSTROSTIPA SCABRA Austrostipa scabra 570 PreOrder
AUSTROSTIPA SCABRA SSP FALCATA Austrostipa scabra ssp falcata 570 PreOrder
BOTHRIOCHLOA INSCULPTA BISSET Bothriochloa insculpta bisset PreOrder
BOTHRIOCHLOA MACRA Bothriochloa macra 300 PreOrder
BOUTELOUA GRACILIS Bouteloua gracilis 2000 PreOrder
BRASSICA RAPA Brassica rapa 290 Available
CAPILLIPEDIUM SPICERIGUM Capillipedium spicigerum 3756 Available
CAREX APPRESSA Carex appressa 1930 Available
CAREX INVERSA Carex inversa 0 PreOrder
CHLORIS TRUNCATA Chloris truncata 4840 PreOrder
CHLORIS VENTRICOSA Chloris ventricosa 0 PreOrder
CLADIUM PROCERUM Cladium procerum 616 Available
CLOVER RED Trifolium pratense 540 Available
CLOVER WHITE Trifolium repens 1725 Available
CYMBOPOGON REFRACTUS Cymbopogon refractus 666 Available
CYNODON DACTYLON Cynodon dactylon 3000 PreOrder
CYPERUS ALTERNIFOLIUS Cyperus alternifolius 0 PreOrder
CYPERUS EXALTUTUS Cyperus exaltutus 4800 Available
DESCHAMPSIA CAESPITOSA Deschampsia caespitosa Available
DESERT BLEND Desert blend 475 Available
DICHANTHIUM SERICEUM Dichanthium sericeum 0 Available
DIGITARIA BROWNII Digitaria brownii 0 Available
ELYMUS SCABER Elymus scaber 0 Available
FESTUCA GLAUCA 'AUSLESE' Festuca glauca PreOrder
FESTUCA GLAUCA BLUE SELECT Festuca glauca 850 PreOrder
FESTUCA GLAUCA VARNA Festuca glauca varna 1000 Available
FESTUCA INCRASSATA Festuca incrassata 0 Available
FESTUCA LITTORALIS Festuca littoralis 0 PreOrder
FESTUCA OVINA Festuca ovina 820 Available
FICINIA NODOSA Isolepsis nodosa 10000 Available
GREEN MANURE 0 Available
HETEROPOGON CONTORTUS Heteropogon contortus 240 Available
IMPERATA CYLINDRICA Imperata cylindrica 10000 PreOrder
JUNCUS FILIFORMIS SPIRALIS Juncus filiformis spiralis 10000 PreOrder
JUNCUS KRAUSII Juncus krausii 47500 Available
JUNCUS PRISMATICARPUS Juncus prismaticarpus 0 PreOrder
JUNCUS SAROPHORUS Juncus sarophorus 50000 Available
JUNCUS USITATUS Juncus usitatus 10000 Available
KIKUYU SEED Kikuyu 440 Available
LAGURUS OVATUS Lagurus ovatus 2000 Available
LIBERTIA PEREGRINANS Libertia peregrinans 1175 Available
[info sheet] LUCERNE Medicago sativa 505 Available
LUZULA NIVEA Luzula nivea 2695 Available
MENTHA REQUIENII Mentha requienii 10000 PreOrder
MICROLAENA STIPOIDES Microlaena stipoides 302 PreOrder
MICROLAENA STIPOIDES VAR.GRIFFIN Microlaena stipoides cv griffin 300 Available
MILLET JAP Panicum miliaceum 0 PreOrder
MILLET WHITE FRENCH Panicum miliaceum 200 PreOrder
MISCANTHUS SINENSIS Miscanthus sinensis 320 Available
MUDGEE LAWN MIX 500 Available
OATS Avena sativa 33 Available
PASPALIDIUM DISTANS Paspalidium distans PreOrder
PENNISETUM ALOPECUROIDES Pennisetum alopecuroides 490 Available
PHRAGMITES AUSTRALIS Phragmites australis 0 Available
POA LABILLARDIEREI Poa labillardierei 1400 Available
RYECORN Secale cereale PreOrder
RYEGRASS - ANNUAL Lolium multiflorum 258 Available
RYEGRASS - PERENNIAL Lolium perenne 458 Available
SCHOENOPLECTUS MUCRONATUS Schoenoplectus mucronatus 1140 Available
SCHOENOPLECTUS VALLIDUS Schoenoplectus vallidus 980 Available
SESLERIA CAERULEA Sesleria caerulea 750 Available
SHIROHIE MILLET Echinochloa utilis 0 PreOrder
THEMEDA TRIANDRA FLORETS Themeda australis 50 Available
TRITICALE FUSION Triticale hexaploide PreOrder
UNCINIA RUBRA Uncinia rubra 300 PreOrder
UNCINIA UNCINATA Uncinia uncinata 500 PreOrder
VETCH WOOLLY POD Vicia villosa ssp. dasycarpa cv. namoi 23 Available

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