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Exotics Catalogue  

Catalogue last updated: 15/12/2018

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Description Botanical Name Seeds per gram Availability Action
[info sheet] ABIES NORDMANNIANA Abies nordmanniana 12 Available
ACANTHUS MOLLIS Acanthus mollis 4 Available
ACER BUERGERIANUM (TRIFIDUM) Acer buergerianum (trifidum) 46 Available
ACER CAMPESTRE Acer campestre 16 Available
ACER GINNALA Acer ginnala 22 Available
ACER MONSPESSULANUM Acer monspessulanum 60 Available
ACER NEGUNDO - NO SALE ACT Acer negundo 22 Available
ACER OLIVERIANUM Acer oliverianum 0 Available
ACER PALMATUM Acer palmatum 60 PreOrder
ACER PALMATUM ATROPURPUREUM Acer palmatum atropurpureum 25 Available
ACER PLATANOIDES Acer platanoides 14 Available
ACER PSEUDOPLATANUS Acer pseudoplatanus 6 Available
ACER RUBRUM Acer rubrum 56 Available
ACER SACCHARUM Acer saccharum 12 PreOrder
ACTINIDA CHINENSIS HAYWOOD Actinida chinensis 500 Available
AGAPANTHUS BLUE AUSTRALIAN Agapanthus praecox 163 Available
AGAPANTHUS BLUE IMPORTED Agapanthus praecox 138 Available
AGAPANTHUS DWARF BLUE SEEDS Agapanthus africanus 166 PreOrder
AGAPANTHUS DWARF WHITE Agapanthus orientalis 0 PreOrder
AGAPANTHUS WHITE AUSTRALIAN Agapanthus praecox 165 PreOrder
AGAPANTHUS WHITE IMPORTED Agapanthus praecox 138 PreOrder
AGAVE ATTENUATE Agave attenuate 0 Available
ALBIZIA JULIBRISSIN Albizia julibrissin 20 Available
ALBIZIA LEBBECK Albizia lebbeck 6 PreOrder
ALLAMANDA NERIFOLIA SEEDS Allamanda nerifolia 5 Available
ALNUS CORDATA Alnus cordata 112 PreOrder
ALNUS GLUTINOSA - NO SALE ACT Alnus glutinosa 1460 PreOrder
ALNUS JORULLENSIS Alnus jorullensis 1550 PreOrder
ANNONA SQUAMOSA Annona squamosa 5 PreOrder
ANTIGONON LEPTOPUS Antigonon leptopus 13 PreOrder
ARALIA ELEGANTISSIMA Aralia elegantissima 250 PreOrder
ARALIA JAPONICA / FATSIA - IMPORTED Fatsia japonica 166 Available
ARBUTUS UNEDO Arbutus unedo 80 PreOrder
ARDISIA CRENATA Ardisia crenulata 12 Available
ARDISIA HUMILIS Ardisia humilis 0 PreOrder
ARISTEA ECKLONII Aristea ecklonii 0 PreOrder
ARISTOLOCHIA ELEGANS Aristolochia littoralis PreOrder
ARTHROPODIUM CIRRHATUM MATAPOURI BAY Arthropodium cirrhatum matapouri bay 400 Available
ARTHROPODIUM MILLEFLORUM Arthropodium milleflorum 600 PreOrder
ARTHROPODIUM STRICTUM Arthropodium strictum 600 PreOrder
ASTELIA NERVOSA Astelia nervosa 0 PreOrder
BAUHINIA CORYMBOSA syn SCANDENS Bauhinia scandens 21 Available
BAUHINIA GALPINII Bauhinia galpinii 0 PreOrder
BAUHINIA HOOKERI Bauhinia hookeri 0 PreOrder
BAUHINIA MONANDRA Bauhinia monandra 5 PreOrder
BAUHINIA PURPUREA Bauhinia purpurea 3 PreOrder
BAUHINIA VARIEGATA ALBA Bauhinia variegata alba 3 PreOrder
[info sheet] BEAUCARNEA RECURVATA Beaucarnea recurvata 0 PreOrder
BERZELIA ABROTANOIDES Berzelia abrotanoides 1870 Available
BERZELIA LANUGINOSA Berzelia lanuginosa Available
BETULA DAVURICA Betula davurica 0 PreOrder
BETULA PENDULA Betula pendula 3500 Available
BETULA PLATYPHYLLA Betula platyphylla 5000 Available
BIXA ORELLANA Bixa orellana 1 Available
BOLUSANTHUS SPECIOSUS Bolusanthus speciosus 0 PreOrder
BRUNFELSIA LATIFOLIA Brunfelsia latifolia 0 PreOrder
BRUNIA ALBIFLORA Brunia albiflora 40 Available
BULBINELLA ANGUSTIFOLIA Bulbinella angustifolia 500 PreOrder
CAESALPINIA FERREA Caesalpinia ferrea 6 Available
CAESALPINIA GILLIESII Caesalpinia gilliesii 10 PreOrder
CAESALPINIA PULCHERRIMA Caesalpinia pulcherrima 8 PreOrder
CALLUNA VULGARIS Calluna vulgaris 0 PreOrder
CALODENDRON CAPENSE Calodendron capense 0 PreOrder
CANAVALIA MARITIMA ROSEA Canavalia maritima Available
CANNA INDICA Canna indica 7 PreOrder
CANNA TROPICAL ROSE Canna x generalis PreOrder
[info sheet] CAPPARIS SPINOSA Capparis spinosa 148 Available
CASSIA JAVANICA Cassia javanica 8 Available
CATALPA BIGNONIOIDES Catalpa bignonioides PreOrder
CEDRUS ATLANTICA Cedrus atlantica 16 PreOrder
CEDRUS DEODARA Cedrus deodara 7 Available
CEDRUS LIBANI VAR STENOCOMA Cedrus libani var stenocoma 16 PreOrder
CERATONIA SILIQUA Ceratonia siliqua 6 PreOrder
CERCIDIPHYLLUM JAPONICUM Cercidiphyllum japonicum 1040 PreOrder
CERCIS CANADENSIS Cercis canadensis 42 PreOrder
CERCIS SILIQUASTRUM RUBRA Cercis siliquastrum rubra 54 Available
CHAMAECYPARIS LAWSONIANA Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 0 PreOrder
CHIONANTHUS RETUSUS Chionanthus retusus 0 Available
CHIONANTHUS VIRGINICUS Chionanthus virginicus 0 PreOrder
CISSUS RHOMBIFOLIA Cissus rhombifolia 0 Available
CLIANTHUS PUNICEUS PINK/RED Clianthus puniceus 81 Available
COFFEA ARABICA Coffea arabica 0 PreOrder
COLUTEA ARBORESCENS Colutea arborescens 0 PreOrder
COLVILLEA RACEMOSA Colvillea racemosa 0 Available
CORDYLINE BAUERI Cordyline baueri PreOrder
CORDYLINE MANNERS SUTTONIAE Cordyline manners suttoniae 0 PreOrder
Cordyline obtecta syn.CORDYLINE KASPAR Cordyline obtecta PreOrder
CORDYLINE PUMILIO Cordyline pumilio PreOrder
CORNUS ALBA SIBERICA Cornus alba siberica 0 PreOrder
CORNUS KOUSA Cornus kousa 17 PreOrder
CORNUS OFFICINALIS Cornus officinalis 8 Available
CORNUS STOLONIFERA Cornus stolonifera 36 Available
CORYLUS AVELLANA Corylus avellana 0 Available
CORYLUS MANDSHURICA Corylus mandshurica 2 PreOrder
COTULA CORONOPIFOLIA Cotula coronopifolia PreOrder
CRYPTOMERIA JAPONICA syn CUPRESSUS JAPONICA Cryptomeria japonica 400 Available
CUNONIA CAPENSIS Cunonia capensis Available
CUPRESSUS GLABRA Cupressus arizonica var glabra 125 Available
CUPRESSUS TORULOSA Cupressus torulosa PreOrder
[info sheet] CYPHOMANDRA BETACEA - RED Cyphomandra betacea 208 Available
DAIS COTINIFOLIA Dais cotinifolia 68 Available
DELONIX REGIA Delonix regia 3 PreOrder
DIETES BICOLOR Dietes bicolor 0 Available
DIETES BICOLOR BULK Dietes bicolor 67 Available
DIETES DWARF VEGETATA CATENULATA Dietes vegetata or dietes iridiodes 0 PreOrder
DIETES FLAVIDA Dietes flavida 0 PreOrder
DIETES GRANDIFLORA Dietes grandiflora 0 Available
DIETES IRIDIOIDES Dietes iridioides 0 Available
DIETES IRIDOIDES BULK Dietes irridoides 54 Available
DIOSPYROS KAKI Diospyros kaki 2 PreOrder
DIOSPYROS VIRGINIANA Diospyros virginiana 2 Available
DOXANTHA UNGUIS-CATI - NO SALE NSW Doxantha unguis-cati 35 Available
DRACAENA DRACO Dracaena draco 0 PreOrder
DURANTA REPENS Duranta repens 0 PreOrder
ECHEVERIA PEACOCKII Echeveria desmetiana 0 Available
ECHIUM FASTUOSUM Echium fastuosum 0 PreOrder
ELEGIA CAPENSIS Elegia capensis Available
ERYTHRINA CRISTA-GALLI - NO SALE NSW Erythrina crista-galli 2 PreOrder
ERYTHRINA VESPERTILIO Erythrina vespertilio PreOrder
FAGUS SYLVATICA Fagus sylvatica 0 PreOrder
FEIJOA SELLOWIANA - NO SALE WA & TAS Feijoa sellowiana 503 PreOrder
FRAXINUS AMERICANA Fraxinus americana 23 Available
FRAXINUS EXCELSIOR Fraxinus excelsior 15 Available
[info sheet] FRAXINUS GRIFFITHII Fraxinus griffithii 90 PreOrder
FRAXINUS ORNUS Fraxinus ornus 34 Available
FRAXINUS PENNSYLVANICA Fraxinus pennsylvanica 40 Available
FRAXINUS VELUTINA Fraxinus velutina 38 Available
GAULTHERIA PROCUMBENS Gaultheria procumbens Available
GENISTA MONOSPERMA Genista monosperma 10 Available
GESNERIA MACRANTHA COMPACTA Gesneria macrantha compacta 41000 Available
GINKGO BILOBA Ginkgo biloba 1 Available
GLEDITSIA TRICANTHOS VAR. INERMIS - NO SALE QLD, NSW Gleditsia tricanthos var. inermis 4 Available
HABRATNHUS ROBUSTA Habratnhus robusta 0 PreOrder
HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA Hamamelis virginana 0 PreOrder
HARPULLIA PENDULA Harpullia pendula 2 PreOrder
HEBE SPECIOSA (NAPUKA) Hebe speciosa PreOrder
HIBISCUS SPLENDENS Hibiscus splendens PreOrder
HIBISCUS TILIACEUS Hibiscus tiliaceus PreOrder
HIPPOPHAE RHAMNOIDES Hippophae rhamnoides 120 Available
HOVENIA DULCIS Hovenia dulcis 0 Available
INCARVILLEA DELAVAYI BEES PINK Incarvillea delavayi bees pink PreOrder
JACARANDA MIMOSIFOLIA Jacaranda mimosifolia 135 Available
JUGLANS NIGRA - NO SALE WA Juglans nigra 0 Available
KOELREUTERIA PANICULATA Koelreuteria paniculata 30 Available
LAURUS NOBILIS Laurus nobilis 0 Available
LEEA COCCINEA RUBRA Leea rubra 0 Available
LIQUIDAMBAR FORMOSANA Liquidambar formosana 218 Available
LIQUIDAMBAR STYRACIFLUA Liqiudambar styraciflua 270 Available
LIRIODENDRON TULIPIFERA Liriodendron tulipifera 34 Available
LIRIOPE EVERGREEN GIANT Liriope evergreen giant 4 PreOrder
LITHOPS MIX Lithops mix 0 Available
MAGNOLIA GRANDIFLORA Magnolia grandiflora 6 PreOrder
MAHONIA AQUIFOLIUM Mahonia aquifolium 82 Available
MAHONIA NERVOSA Mahonia nervosa 0 PreOrder
MAHONIA REPENS Mahonia repens 122 Available
MEDINILLIA MAGNIFICA Medinillia magnifica 7000 PreOrder
MICHELIA CHAMPACCA Michelia champacca 16 Available
MICHELIA FIGO Michelia figo 12 Available
MONSTERA DELICIOSA Monstera deliciosa 0 PreOrder
MORINGA OLEIFERA Moringa oleifera pterygosperma 7 Available
MORUS ALBA Morus alba 640 Available
MYRICA RUBRA Myrica rubra 2 PreOrder
NANDINA DOMESTICA Nandina domestica 0 Available
NYSSA SYLVATICA Nyssa sylvatica 7 Available
PARTHENOCISSUS QUINQUEFOLIA Parthenocissus quinquefolia 40 Available
PARTHENOCISSUS TRICUSPIDATA Parthenocissus tricuspidata 0 Available
PASSIFLORA ALATA Passiflora alata 27 PreOrder
PASSIFLORA AURANTIA Passiflora aurantia 40 Available
PASSIFLORA CAERULEA Passiflora caerulea 117 PreOrder
PASSIFLORA CINNABARINA Passiflora cinnabarina 0 PreOrder
PASSIFLORA COCCINEA Passiflora coccinea 0 Available
PASSIFLORA EDULIS Passiflora edulis 45 Available
PASSIFLORA FLAVICARPA Passiflora flavicarpa 56 PreOrder
PASSIFLORA GOLDEN GIANT Passiflora edulis cv. golden giant 40 PreOrder
PASSIFLORA GOLDEN NUGGET Passiflora edulis 0 Available
PASSIFLORA MOLLISSIMA Passiflora mollissima 41 PreOrder
PASSIFLORA PANAMA GOLD Passiflora panama gold 50 PreOrder
PASSIFLORA PANAMA RED Passiflora edulis cv panama red 50 PreOrder
PASSIFLORA PANDORA Passiflora hybrida 0 PreOrder
PASSIFLORA QUADRANGULARIS Passiflora quadrangularis 23 Available
PASSIFLORA RUBRA Passiflora rubra Available
PAULOWNIA FORTUNEI Paulownia fortunei 4300 PreOrder
PAULOWNIA TOMENTOSA Paulownia tomentosa 5200 Available
PHILODENDRON ADAMANTINUM Philodendron adamantinum 0 PreOrder
PHILODENDRON BARRYII Philodendron barryii 0 PreOrder
PHILODENDRON IMBE Philodendron imbe 960 PreOrder
PHILODENDRON LUNDII Philodendron lundii Available
PHILODENDRON ROYSTONII Philodendron selloum 0 PreOrder
PHILODENDRON SELLOUM Philodendron selloum 0 Available
PHILODENDRON TUXLA Philodendron tuxla 962 Available
PHORMIUM COOKIANUM DWARF - GREEN Phormium cookianum 306 Available
PHORMIUM COOKIANUM GREEN Phormium cookianum 316 PreOrder
PHORMIUM COOKIANUM PURPLE Phormium cookianum 340 Available
PHORMIUM TENAX GREEN Phormium tenax 148 Available
PHORMIUM TENAX PURPLE Phormium tenax 290 Available
PICEA ABIES Picea abies 115 Available
PINUS MUGO Pinus mugo 0 Available
PINUS PATULA Pinus patula 100 PreOrder
PINUS PINASTER Pinus pinaster 49 Available
PINUS PINEA Pinus pinea 1 PreOrder
PINUS RADIATA - NO SALE ACT Pinus radiata 40 Available
PINUS THUNBERGII Pinus thunbergii 60 PreOrder
PISTACIA CHINENSIS Pistacia chinensis 14 Available
PITTOSPORUM TENUIFOLIUM Pittosporum tenuifolium 80 Available
PLATANUS ORIENTALIS Platanus orientalis 275 Available
PODALYRIA CALYPTRATA Podalyria calyptrata 0 Available
PODALYRIA SERICEA Podalyria sericea 53 Available
PSIDIUM LITTORALE - NO SALE WA, TAS Psidium littorale 0 PreOrder
PUNICA GRANATUM NANA Punica granatum nana Available
PUNICA GRANATUM TALL Punica granatum tall 20 PreOrder
PYRUS CALLERYANA Pyrus calleryana 78 PreOrder
QUERCUS COCCINEA Quercus coccinea 1 PreOrder
QUERCUS ILEX Quercus ilex 1 PreOrder
QUERCUS PALUSTRIS Quercus palustris 1 Available
QUERCUS ROBUR Quercus robur 1 PreOrder
QUERCUS RUBRA Quercus rubra 1 PreOrder
QUERCUS SUBER Quercus suber 1 PreOrder
QUISQUALIS INDICA Quisqualis indica PreOrder
RAVENALA MADAGASCARIENSIS Ravenala madagascariensis 0 PreOrder
RHAPIOLEPIS UMBELLATA Rhapiolepis umbellata 0 PreOrder
RHODOMYRTUS TOMENTOSA Rhodomyrtus tomentosa 0 PreOrder
ROBINIA PSEUDOACACIA - NO SALE ACT Robinia pseudoacacia 50 Available
SAPIUM SEBIFERUM Sapium sebiferum 8 PreOrder
SCHEFFLERA ACTINOPHYLLA Schefflera actinophylla 145 PreOrder
SCHEFFLERA ARBORICOLUM Schefflera arboricolum 0 Available
SCHEFFLERA CAROLINE Schefflera carolyn Available
SCHEFFLERA COMPACTA Schefflera compacta Available
SCHEFFLERA CV. PITTMANS PRIDE Schefflera arboricola 0 Available
SCHEFFLERA SERRATA Schefflera serrata Available
SCHEFFLERA SUPER SCHEFF Schefflera sp. Available
SCHINUS MOLLE Schinus molle 28 Available
SCHOTIA BRACHYPETALA Schotia brachypetala 0 PreOrder
SEDUM ORPINE VOODOO Sedum orpine Available
SEDUM RUBENS LIZARD Sedum rubens 40000 Available
SEDUM SELSKIANUM Sedum selskianum 0 Available
SEMPERVIVUM ARACHNOIDEUM Sempervivum arachnoideum PreOrder
SEMPERVIVUM MONTANUM Sempervivum montanum PreOrder
SEMPERVIVUM WINTERHARDY Sempervivum winterhardy PreOrder
SEQUOIA GIGANTEA Sequoia gigantea 204 PreOrder
SEQUOIA SEMPERVIRENS Sequoia sempervirens 295 Available
SIDALCEA CANDIDA 'BIANCA' Sidalcea candida 'bianca' Available
SOPHORA JAPONICA Sophora japonica 6 Available
SPARTIUM JUNCEUM - NO SALE NSW Spartium junceum 82 Available
SPATHODIA CAMPANULATA - NO SALE QLD Spathodia campanulata 213 PreOrder
STEPHANOTIS FLORIBUNDA Stephanotis floribunda 0 PreOrder
STRELITZIA JUNCEA Strelitzia juncea 0 Available
STRELITZIA MANDELA'S GOLD Strelitzia 0 Available
[info sheet] STRELITZIA NICOLAI Strelitzia nicholai 0 Available
[info sheet] STRELITZIA REGINAE Strelitzia reginae 5 Available
SUTHERLANDIA FRUTESCENS Lessertia frutescens 0 PreOrder
SYZYGIUM JAMBOS - NO SALE WA Syzygium jambos 0 PreOrder
TAXODIUM DISTICHUM Taxodium distichum 15 Available
TECOMA SMITHII Tecoma smithii Available
TECOMA STANS - NO SALE QLD OR NSW Tecoma stans 250 Available
TILIA CORDATA Tilia cordata 26 Available
TIPUANA TIPU Tipuana tipu 2 Available
TOONA CILIATA Toona ciliata 350 PreOrder
TOONA SINENSIS Toona sinensis 116 Available
TRAVESIA PALMATA Travesia palmata PreOrder
TUPIDANTHUS CALYPTRATA Tupidanthus calyptrata 0 Available
[info sheet] VELTHEIMIA BRACTEATA PINK Veltheimia bracteata pink 0 PreOrder
VIBURNUM SARGENTII Viburnum sargentii 36 Available
VIRGILIA CAPENSIS (OROBOIDES) Virgilia orboides 19 Available
WISTERIA SINENSIS ALBA Wisteria sinensis alba 2 PreOrder
WISTERIA SINENSIS BLUE Wisteria sinensis blue 2 Available
YUCCA ALOIFOLIA Yucca aloifolia 24 Available
YUCCA ANGUSTISSIMA Yucca angustissima 33 PreOrder
YUCCA ELATA Yucca elata 58 Available
YUCCA FILAMENTOSA Yucca filamentosa 75 PreOrder
YUCCA TORREYI Yucca torreyi 20 Available
ZANTEDESCHIA AETHIOPICA WHITE - NO SALE WA, SA, Zantedeschia aethiopica 0 Available
ZANTEDESCHIA GREEN GODDESS - NO SALE WA, SA Zantedeschia aethiopica 0 Available
ZELKOVA SERRATA Zelkova serrata 0 Available
ZEPHYRANTHES DRUMMONDII Zephyranthes drummondii PreOrder

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