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Discontinued Catalogue  

Catalogue last updated: 15/12/2018

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Description Botanical Name Seeds per gram Availability Action
BEGONIA AMBRA ROSE Begonia semperflorens 0 Available
BEGONIA AMBRA SALMON Begonia semperflorens 0 Available
BEGONIA AMBRA SCARLET Begonia semperflorens 0 Available
BEGONIA AMBRA WHITE Begonia semperflorens 0 Available
BEGONIA NONSTOP PINK Begonia tuberhybrida f1 0 Available
CAMPANULA CHAMPION BLUE Pelleted Campanula medium Unavailable
CINERARIA NANA MASTERPIECE MIXED Cineraria senecio cruentus 4000 Available
DIMORPHOTHECA MIXED Dimorphotheca sinuata 450 Available
ERYSIMUM GOLD DUST Erysimum suffruticosum 600 Available
EXACUM MIDGET WHITE Exacum affine 40000 Available
GAILLARDIA SUNDANCE MIX - NO SALE WA Gaillardia pulchella 600 Available
GODETIA DWARF DOUBLE MIXED Godetia grandiflora 1600 Available
LIBERTIA IXIOIDES Libertia ixioides Available
MARIGOLD F1 SOVEREIGN ORANGE Tagetes erecta 242 Available
PRIMULA ROSIE SERIES APRICOT Primula acaulis 900 Available
PRIMULA ROSIE SERIES PINK Primula acaulis 850 Available
PRIMULA ROSIE SERIES RED Primula acaulis 880 Available
PRIMULA ROSIE SERIES WHITE Primula acaulis 890 Available
PRIMULA ROSIE SERIES YELLOW Primula acaulis 820 Available
SCHIZANTHUS STAR PARADE Schizanthus 1800 Available
SUGAR BEET Beta vulgaris crassa 120 Available
VIOLA PENNY ORANGE Viola cornuta 1500 Available
VIOLA PENNY YELLOW Viola cornuta 1500 Available
VIOLA PENNY YELLOW BLOTCH Viola cornuta 1500 Available
VIOLA PENNY YELLOW FROST Viola cornuta 1500 Available
ZINNIA LINEARIS MIX Zinnia linearis 2100 Available

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