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PLEASE NOTE: ‘Pre-order’ is now available on most of our seed lines. This means that whilst the seed is currently unavailable you can select it & add to your order for it to be despatched once back in stock.

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Catalogue last updated: 15/12/2018

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Description Botanical Name Seeds per gram Availability Action
AUSTRODANTHONIA SP Austrodanthonia sp 510 Available
BEETROOT EARLY WONDER Beta vulgaris 0 PreOrder
LETTUCE GRAND RAPIDS Lactuca sativa 1000 Available
MUSTARD SAWTOOTH Brassica juncea var involutus 500 Unavailable
PINUS HALEPENSIS Pinus halepensis 0 Available
PTILOTUS MACROCEPHALUS Ptilotus macrocephalus 116 Available
PUMPKIN DILLS ATLANTIC GIANT Cucurbita maxima 4 Available
PUMPKIN HYBRID CARBINE JTP526 Cucurbita maxima 1 PreOrder
PUMPKIN HYBRID CLYDE Cucurbita moschata 0 PreOrder
PUMPKIN HYBRID GUNSYND Cucurbita moschata 0 Available
PUMPKIN HYBRID SWEET SLICE Cucurbita moschata 0 Available
PUMPKIN WEE B LITTLE Cucurbita pepo 0 Available
RADISH SPARKLER Raphanus sativus 0 PreOrder
TOMATO COSTOLUTO FIORENTINO-Seed Solanum lycopersicum 330 PreOrder
XEROCHRYSUM VISCOSUM Xerochrysum viscosum 3800 Available
ZINNIA JAZZY MIX Zinnia haaheana 0 Available
ZINNIA QUEEN LIME WITH BLUSH Zinnia elegans 0 Available

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