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Protea Catalogue  

Catalogue last updated: 15/12/2018

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Description Botanical Name Seeds per gram Availability Action
LEUCADENDRON ALBUM Leucadendron album 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON ARGENTEUM Leucadendron argenteum 0 Available
LEUCADENDRON BARKERAE Leucadendron barkerae 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON COMOSUM Leucadendron comosum 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON CONIFERUM Leucadendron coniferum 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON DAPHNOIDES Leucadendron daphnoides 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON DISCOLOR Leucadendron discolor 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON ELIMENSE Leucadendron elimense 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON EUCALYPTIFOLIUM Leucadendron eucalyptifolium 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON GALPINII Leucadendron galpinii 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON GANDOGERI Leucadendron gandogeri 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON LANIGERUM Leucadendron lanigerum 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON LAUREOLIUM Leucadendron laureolium 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON LINIFOLIUM Leucadendron linifolium 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON MARIDIANUM Leucadendron maridianum 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON MICROCEPHALUM Leucadendron microcephalum 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON NERVOSUM Leucadendron nervosum 0 Available
LEUCADENDRON PLATYSPERMUM Leucadendron platyspermum 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON PUBESCENS Leucadendron pubescens 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON RUBRUM Leucadendron rubrum 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON SALICIFOLIUM Leucadendron salicifolium 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON SALIGNUM Leucadendron salignum 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON SESSILE Leucadendron sessile 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON SPISSIFOLIUM Leucadendron spissifolium 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON TERETIFOLIUM Leucadendron teretifolium 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON TINCTUM Leucadendron tinctum 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON ULIGINOSUM Leucadendron uliginosum 0 PreOrder
LEUCADENDRON XANTHOCONUS Leucadendron xanthoconus 0 PreOrder
LEUCOSPERMUM BOLUSII Leucospermum bolusii 0 PreOrder
LEUCOSPERMUM CATHERINAE Leucospermum catherinae 0 PreOrder
LEUCOSPERMUM CONOCARPODENDRON Leucospermum conocarpodendron 0 PreOrder
LEUCOSPERMUM CORDIFOLIUM Leucospermum cordifolium 0 PreOrder
LEUCOSPERMUM CUNEIFORME Leucospermum cuneiforme 0 PreOrder
LEUCOSPERMUM PRAECOX Leucospermum praecox 0 PreOrder
LEUCOSPERMUM TOTTUM Leucospermum tottum 0 PreOrder
LEUCOSPERMUM VESTITUM Leucospermum vestitum 0 PreOrder
PROTEA ACUMINATA Protea acuminata 0 PreOrder
PROTEA AMPLEXICAULIS Protea amplexicaulis 0 PreOrder
PROTEA AUREA Protea acuminata 0 Available
PROTEA BURCHELLII Protea acuminata 0 PreOrder
PROTEA CANALICULATA Protea canaliculata 0 PreOrder
PROTEA CORDATA Protea cordata 0 PreOrder
PROTEA CORONATA Protea coronata 0 Available
PROTEA CYNAROIDES Protea cynaroides 0 Available
PROTEA EXIMIA Protea eximia 0 PreOrder
PROTEA GRANDICEPS Protea grandiceps 0 Available
PROTEA LACTICOLOR Protea lacticolor 0 PreOrder
PROTEA LAURIFOLIA Protea laurifolia 0 PreOrder
PROTEA LEPIDOCARPODENDRON Protea lepidocarpodendron 0 PreOrder
PROTEA LONGIFOLIA Protea longifolia 0 PreOrder
PROTEA LORIFOLIA Protea lorifolia 0 Available
PROTEA MAGNIFICA Protea magnifica 0 PreOrder
PROTEA MUNDII Protea mundii 0 PreOrder
PROTEA NANA Protea nana 0 PreOrder
PROTEA NERIIFOLIA Protea neriifolia 0 Available
PROTEA NITIDA Protea nitida 0 PreOrder
PROTEA OBTUSIFOLIA Protea obtusifolia 0 Available
PROTEA PUNCTATA Protea punctata 0 Available
PROTEA REPENS RED Protea repens red 0 PreOrder
PROTEA REPENS WHITE Protea repens white 0 Available
PROTEA ROUPELLIAE Protea roupelliae 0 PreOrder
PROTEA SCOLYMOCEPHALA Protea scolymocephala 0 Available
PROTEA SPECIOSA Protea speciosa 0 PreOrder
PROTEA SUBVESTITA Protea subvestita 0 PreOrder
PROTEA SUSANNAE Protea susannae 0 PreOrder

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